Concept & Design

Concept and Design

With over 35 years of custom cottage and home building experience, we’ve had the pleasure of working on many interesting and varied projects throughout the Kawartha Lakes. We bring this expertise to every new project and it begins at the consulting and design stage. We’re pleased to have helped clients experience their dreams within budget by providing helpful ideas and solutions. Too often there is a huge gap between the designers and the builders, creating waste and unnecessary expense. Further complicating matters are the unique demands the Canadian Shield places on builders. Material selection and construction techniques need to be chosen with careful consideration to the unique features of your site.

At Design Alternatives, we’re pleased to work with cottagers and home owners in providing full design services. This may often include helping with securing building permits, applying for minor variances or zoning amendments. We coordinate septic designs and approvals, HVAC studies and ensure that our clients receive all the help they require to make their new dream home or cottage a reality.

And since we live in this region, we can provide a wealth of practical information regarding your design decisions and the practicality of the various choices as well as the potential maintenance concerns of decisions. As simple a decision as to whether you intend to build a four season home or a seasonal cottage dramatically influences the choice of materials including wall finishing, flooring, appliances, and plumbing systems.

Let our expertise help guide your design decisions. We provide complete concept through design services and we’d be happy to get to work for you.